One of the signs of reversal is usually a pattern that remains aligned with the current trend but slightly slowed down. One of the most obvious of these patterns is its sloping slope compared to previous trends.

For more details I will include the following examples:


If on the chart forming a chart pattern like this means the sign there is a slowdown trend. When the reversal pattern appears like this, there will be various possibilities, namely:

The price will pull back then move again continue the trend
Characteristics: Pullbacknya usually weak movement. After the pullback, the movement immediately reverses course and will usually break the trendline. Usually this is an opportunity for re-entry

Price will reverse direction
Characteristics: After pullback, the movement tries to move according to the initial trend but does not succeed in forming a new impulse and its movement tends to be slow or sloping. And usually when the price touches the previous peak / base, the price immediately reacts

Price continues the trend
Characteristics: Usually the slowdown will take the form of waves, but when the market movement against the trend instead of slowing. When this happens, there is a chance of re-entry when the market movement against its trend.

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