In the following, we will explain the settings and workings of the HotEA3in1 single ACC. Before that we will explain a little about the risk reward ratio.

One of the skills that you must have as a trader is before starting or opening a transaction, you already know with certainty at what price you will get out if it turns out to lose and at what price you will take profit.

Risk to reward ratio is a ratio measured from the purchase price to the stop loss price and take profit price.
Risk to Reward Ratio 1: 2 means that you are willing to risk $ 1 to get a potential profit of $ 2.

Sample HotEA trade.

HotEA 3in1 Single ACC Specifically to use the risk reward ratio.
We use a system that has been tested for more than 5 years, and has a 55-90% win ratio depending on the market. After that we created an expert advisor (EA) with various types. In the following we will explain the settings of the HotEA 3in1 single ACC.

The above settings consist of 7 configuration menus.

1. HotEAforex Version Single Switch Expert Advisor.
Which contains a pincode license for activating HotEA. And the 7 digit magic number is used in different pairs.

2. SET FOR Scalping Switch.
An arrangement of the HotEA 3in1 Single ACC system, where the signal generated from these settings can change the order position.
– Usebreak = false or true. if true means using the breakout technique.
– MAMethod -MAPeriod2 = Configuration from HotTrends indicator.
Default use EMA period 21 and 7. For best result you can use EMA period 50 and 7.
– Do EntryAlerts – Sift_2 = For configuration Candle breakout. keep this the default.
– CloseBySignal1,2,3. = There are 3 systems for closing orders, if signal 1 is true, it means the order will be closed when the trend changes. signal2 true means the order will close when the arrow changes. and signal3 true means the order will close when the breakout changes direction.If you want to use the risk reward ratio, closebysignal is better off (false).
– Cut_Switch = functions as activating a single open order and activating an uplot.

– MM = true or flase. if true is Auto lot. can not setting lot in lot1.
The formula for MM is AccountEquity x 0.001 x Risk_MANAGEMENT.
– MM2 = formula is a= (AccountEquity-0.5*Every)/Every.
and Auto lot (Every xa)0.001*Risk2_MANAGEMENT.
– CloseALL_MarginLevel = Mean will close all orders if it has exceeded the margin level that we specify.

– Lot1 = For the initial lot settings that we specify, if MM true lot1 is not working.
– Slipage = To anticipate if there is a rapid price surge ea will not open an order.
– TotalTrade = Maximum trade daily.
– UPlot = Multiplier lot if loss . 1.5 mean if get stoploss , The next open lot will Up lot 1.5 x Lot1. And if use 1 will use fixed lot.
– Single_TP = Set to takeprofit.
– SingleSL = Set to Stoploss.

– Trailing_Single = Configuration to Trailing stop. number in pips.
– Trailing start = Will active in we specify. number in pips.
sample fill Trailing 20 and start 10. mean when it reaches 30 pips it will traverse every 10 pips movement.

– Target_DayInpersen = EA will close all order if target reached in percentage.
– Target_DayInDollar = EA will close all order if target reached in money.

7. Time Trading Server
Configuration Time work HotEA3in1 Single ACC.

Important Only HotEA3in1 Single ACC You must insert indicator !triggers_Hot.ex4 to chart. If not insert EA can not open trade.

The difference between HotEA 3in1 single ACC and HotEA 3in1 single ACC v2 lies in the triger to open trade. If use v2 use !!SWINGTRADE indicator, and automaticly insert in the chart.

V1 and v2 Work smoothly on high volatile currency pairs like Gbp/Jpy, Gbp/Usd, Gbp/Aud Use Timeframe H4 for best result. Minimum Timeframe H1. If use scalping technique it’s better to use HotEA 3in1 single ACC .

That’s all of our little HotEA 3in1 explanation.
If you have questions and EA developments please do not hesitate to contact us.

And for the best configuration, please contact us. You can also download configurations in the member area.

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