HotEA 3in1 v3

In the following, we will explain the settings and workings of the HotEA3in1 v3. Before reading this v3 you should know about v1 and v2 at .
HotEA v3 is an expansion from the previous, the difference is the system and the addition of a strategy. In v3 there are 3 strategies and 3 systems running together, following a little explanation about this HotEA v3.

  1. Using a single open strategy with a risk reward of 1: 5 plus a trailing stop.
    This strategy is suitable for long-term traders, with small deposits and large deposits. The risks and drawdown generated are small and take large profits. It all depends on what we determine in the HotEA configuration.
  2. Use the Average plus and minus strategy with fixed lots.
    You surely know that this kind of strategy requires endurance from the daily and monthly range of a pair, so a strategy like this is not suitable for small deposits. But we make this strategy unique unlike other EAs that use a certain distance that makes the balance drained a much.
  3. Using the Average minus strategy with martingale.
    This explanation is the same as number 2, the difference is using a martingale strategy. Many people do not like this strategy because it quickly drains a large balance. And it should be emphasized here that HotEA is not the same as another EA martingale, which will always open an order if there is floting, and hope the price will return. It doesn’t make much sense if EA waits for hope. HotEA will be disciplined and strict in certain markets and HotEA does not use steps for martingale, but if there is only a special signal to enter the market again with a lot multiplier.

In the following we will explain the settings of the HotEA 3in1 v3.

HotEA v3 configuration

The above settings consist of 8 configuration menus.

1. HotEA 3in1 v3 ExpertAdvisor.
Which contains a pincode license for activating HotEA. And the 7 digit magic number is used in different pairs.

2. SET FOR HotEA system.
An arrangement of the HotEA 3in1 Single ACC system, where the signal generated from these settings can change the order position.
– InverseSystem = false or true. if true means using the Trend follower.
– LevelU LevelD = This figure is for fast and slow open trade. maximum 0.4 minimum -0.4
– Sift = If 0 means there is a signal immediately open if 1 after candle 1.
– Use Price, UsePrice2= A price system from the market implemented in HotEA false will not use, and true will use.
– Use_Trend = We use the EMA in analyzing long-term trends and short-medium term.

3. Set For Strategies HotEA 3in1 v3
– Cut switch = Means if true HotEA will use a single open strategy. averaging and martingale will automatically turn off. And if false HotEA will activated AveragingMinus and Plus.
– AveragingMinus = An evenly distributed strategy of a price if there is floting minuswith an accurate system..
– AveragingPlus = The opposite, An evenly distributed strategy of a price if there is profit with an accurate system.
– CutLOSS,S1,D1,Trend= Will close all orders that are running if there are opposite signals.

– MoneyForTrade = a feature that does not have an earlier version. The money we will trade while using HotEA. if it exceeds what we specify EA will close all positions.
– SafeinPercent= Ea will save profits in the form of percentages.
– MM = true or flase. if true is Auto lot. can not setting lot in lot1.
The formula for MM is AccountEquity x 0.001 x Risk_MANAGEMENT.
– MM2 = formula is a= (AccountEquity-0.5*Every)/Every.
and Auto lot (Every xa)0.001*Risk2_MANAGEMENT.
– CloseALL_MarginLevel = Mean will close all orders if it has exceeded the margin level that we specify.

– OpenLot = For the initial lot settings that we specify, if MM true lot1 is not working.
– Slipage = To anticipate if there is a rapid price surge ea will not open an order.
– TotalTrade = Maximum trade daily.
– Avera_Multiplier = Multiplier lot if loss . 1.5 mean if get stoploss , The next open lot will Up lot 1.5 x Lot1. And if use 1 will use fixed lot.
– Single_TP = Set to takeprofit work on single open.
– SingleSL = Set to Stoploss work on single open .
– AveraPlus Multiplier = default use 1. not multiplier.
– AveraPlus step = Distance in pips if certain profit will open the order again.
– Averaging step = Distance minimum in pips will open trade.
-Avera_MAX = Maximum total open orders if use averaging minus and Plus
– AveraTp Money = Close all orders in the form of money.

– Trailing_Single = Configuration to Trailing stop. number in pips.
– Trailing start = Will active in we specify. number in pips.
sample fill Trailing 20 and start 10. mean when it reaches 30 pips it will traverse every 10 pips movement.

– Target_DayInpersen = EA will close all order if target reached in percentage.
– Target_DayInDollar = EA will close all order if target reached in money.

8. Time Trading Server
Configuration Time work HotEA3in1 Single ACC.

This Hot EA 3in1 v3 works well in all major pairs with time frames m5 and m15. and of course each pair will be different in the settings.

That’s all of our little HotEA 3in1 explanation.
If you have questions and EA developments please do not hesitate to contact us.

And for the best configuration, please contact us. You can also download configurations in the member area.

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