HotEA Scalping lock use 2 Strategies that is HEDGING and AVERAGING.

Hedging strategies means As the name suggest, hedging in the same pair is done by opening new position in the exact same pair you have already opened before. This is the simplest form of forex hedging strategy, and sometimes called as “direct hedging”.

Averaging strategy is the practice of unidirectional entry with multiple open positions. That is, if the first position is a buy or long position, then the next position is the same as just buy. Despite the floating minus, traders will continue to buy consistently until the price moves in the expected direction and makes a profit.

How it works scalping lock hotea?

So according to the picture above, EA will open buy and sell positions simultaneously. With this strategy floating is very small, then how can it be profitable? HotEA scalping lock will take advantage of Averaging with increase LOT of Linear and Fibo modes.

The following is an image and explanation of the HotEA Scalping Lock configuration :

The above settings consist of 5 configuration menus.

1. HotEAforex Version Averaging systematically Expert Advisor
Which contains a pincode license for activating HotEA. And the 5 digit magic number is used in different pairs.

2. SET FOR Lock Systematiclly
– TimeFrame -Sif_2 is system triger open trade HotEA Scalping lock.
– CloseBySignal If Change to different movement price, EA will Close all open trade.

– – MM = true or flase. if true is Auto lot. can not setting lot in lot1.
The formula for MM is AccountEquity x 0.001 x Risk_MANAGEMENT.
– MM2 = formula is a= (AccountEquity-0.5*Every)/Every.
and Auto lot (Every xa)0.001*Risk2_MANAGEMENT.
– CloseALL_MarginLevel = Mean will close all orders if it has exceeded the margin level that we specify .
– SL_Persen = If you want to use stop loss in the form of percent of your capital.
– TP Money = Take profit in the money.

4. SET FOR LOT,TRADE,Lock,Unique
– Lot = For the initial lot settings that we specify, if MM true lot1 is not working.
– OppositeLot = For hedging lot settings.
– Step = Distance Averaging strategy in pips. 10pips = 100 points.
– PipsStep = Distance Hedging strategy in pips. 10pips = 100 points.
– Hiden_TP_SL = TakeProfit and stoploss is hidden, Not visible on the chart.
– TP = Setting for Take Profit.
– TP_averaging = Take Profit for Averaging.
– SL = Setting for stoploss.
– Type_increase = There are 4 types of LOT trading. Fixed,Liener,Fibo,Multiplier.
– Multiplier_if_D = Activated if Type increase choose Multiplier.
– Slipage = To anticipate if there is a rapid price surge ea will not open an order.

5. Time Trading Server
Configuration Time work HotEA Scalping Lock. 1-5 means activated EA 5 hours from open market.

That’s all of our little HotEA Scalping Lock explanation.
If you have questions and EA developments please do not hesitate to contact us.

And for the best configuration, please contact us. You can also download configurations in the member area.