Trading following the trend in the long run can be very profitable for traders who know how and able to manage the position and emotions well. The question is, how to trade to follow the right trend?

No matter how strong a trend is in the long run, there will always be a movement that goes against the trend in an intraday or intraweek period. The move, known as correction, is an opportunity for shrewd traders.

Keep in mind that counter-trend movements often occur following a news counter to the ongoing trend. Therefore, know when the release of important news is scheduled on the forex calendar. Counter-trend movements usually appear following a short-term trader’s panic.

Managing Money Management is important in order to get profit according to developments in the market. The reality, no matter how psychologically ready you will always ask yourself again the step taken is correct or not.

Well, in this case, you can entrust HotEAForex3in1_v2, install a fairly loose stop loss and take profit level according to the full auto risk / reward setting.

Then does this privilege HotEeForex3in1_v2?
Here is a picture of our EA settings.


And here’s a brief explanation for HotEAForex3in1_v2 Single trade configuration:

1. TimeFrame_1 = PERIOD_H1; Function= Choose Timeframe1 EA running.
2. period = 35; Function= Period system hotEAforex.
3. smooth = 10; Function= smooth system hotEAforex.
4. CloseBySignal = false; Function= For close by signal1.
5. CloseBySignal2 = false; Function= For close by signal2.
6. CloseBySignal3 = false; Function=  For close by signal3.
7. CUT_SWITCH = true; Function=  For switch open single trade.
8. Use22 = false; Function= Use system22 HotEAforex.
9. Length3 = 22; Function= Length3 system22 HotEAForex.
10. TimeFrame_4 = PERIOD_H1; Function= Choose Timeframe4 EA running.
11. Length2 = 8; Function= Length2 system22 HotEAForex.
12. TimeFrame_3 = PERIOD_H1; Function= Choose Timeframe3 EA running.
13. Length = 2; Function= Length1 system22 HotEAForex.
14. TimeFrame_2 = PERIOD_H1; Function= Choose Timeframe2 EA running.
15. HOT_TF = PERIOD_H4; Function= TF periode system HotEAforex.
16. MM=false; Function= For money management automatic lot from your balance.
17. Risk_MANAGEMENT = 0.1; Function= For setting MM risk automatic lot.
18. Every = 2000; Function= Every endurance to automatic lot.
19. MM2=false; Function= For money management2 with compound lot.
20. Risk2_MANAGEMENT=0.1; Function= For setting MM2 risk automatic lot.
21. Limit_MarginLevel = 2000 ; Function= Every endurance to automatic lot.
22. Limit_MarginLev = false; Function= For activated marginlevel
23. CloseALL_MarginLevel = 1000 ; Function= Close position if margin level 1000.
24. Lot1 = 0.01; Function= For setting lot first.
25. TOTALtrade = 10; Function= Total trade in day.
26. UPlot =1.67; Function= For up lot every touch SL
27. Single_TP = 33 ; Function= Take profit single trade
28. SingleSL = 33 ; Function= Stop loss single trade
29. Trailing_single = 0; Function= For setting trailing stop every in pips.
30. Trailing_start = 0; Function= For setting start trailing stop.
31. Target_DayINPersen = 0; Function= Target 1 day in percent.
32. Target_DayINDolar = 0; Function=  Target 1 day in monney.
33. OpenHour = 10; //19 Function= For setting EA run in hours Mt4.
34. CloseHour = 20; Function= For setting EA no open trade in hours Mt4.

HotEaForex 3in1v2 Single trade ideal use Pairs High votalite like GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/CHF, USD/CAD.

To display tips and tricks use HotEAforex semi manual please share this article in your profile respectively.

3 Tips use HotEAforex3in1_v2 Single trade
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  1. If you want to use Risk reward 1: 2 with fixed lot tips are setting length 2 to 8 and setting SL 30 and TP 60

  2. If you want to use Risk reward 1:1 , please setting TP 30 and SL 30 and uplot 1.67 or 1.5.

  3. If you want to use the scalping technique close by signal from our system, please set it in Close by other True signal leave the default.


The 3 tips we provide, if you do not understand about our EA setting, please contact our support. Because we highly prioritize your satisfaction, and enjoy the benefits together.

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