Tips Use HotEAforex Scalping & Intraday

Creating a reliable forex trading system can not be removed from trial and error length. So you can find a profitable trading system and convenient to use. We have 5 years more developing our system and continue to innovate.

Many are asking about this HotEAforex, whether your system can really be profitable?

Of course all our tools really can be profitable, it all depends on you who use. And of course if you comply with our rules and tips you will be easy to generate profits consistently.

Before knowing the tips and rules of scalping & intraday semi-automatic version of this, let us refer to the function and its usefulness first.


Here’s a brief explanation with HotEAforex Semi manual configuration.

  • 1. Type trading you can choose manual or automatic.
    2. Configure automatic scalping system-Timeframe2 period.
    3. Usesupres = Ea will use support and resistance,  serves as a see point support and resistance.
    4. Price width and bep plus points serve as a marker of the current price.
    5. Use IndiNews serves as viewing news in the currency used.
    6. Before news until alert before news is configuration to see news calendar contained in forexfactory calender.
    7. Use IndiRSI = EA will use or display RSI. serves as a view of saturation and market power is being happen.
    8. Use IndiForru = EA will use or display the Indicator forru. Indi forru we have edited that serves as seeing power seller and buyer.
    9. Magic = EA open order identification number.
    10. Lots1 = the first lot we use.


Set for money management and risk management

  • 11. MM if activated will set the lot automatically.
    12. Every 2000 = any increase in endurance 2000 pips ea will raise the lot automatically.
    13. The formula of this MM is AccountEquity  * 0.001 * Risk_MANAGEMENT.
    14. MM2 works the same as MM, the difference. The formula of this MM2 is AccountEquity  – 0.5 * Every / Every.
    15. The formula of this CloseALL_margin level  is = AccountFreeMargin / MathMax  AccountMargin, 0001 * 100.
    16. The target of Day IN percent serves as a profit target in form percent.
    17. The Day in dollar target serves as a profit target in form dollar.
    18. TP functions as takeprofit in pips / point form
    19. SL serves as stoploss in the form of pips / point.
    20. Step function to set averaging in the form of pips. if 20 pips = 200points.
    21. Maxaveraging works to set averaging averaging.
    22. Max spread works if it exceeds the spread in the form of our points ea content can not open position.
    23. Time trading EA work server. there are 3 parts. if not in a certain hour ea will be able to open open order.


Function and how to read in the picture above.

1. Trend detector serves as detecting the direction of the ongoing trend.
How to read is if the blue is a moderate trend upwards, on the contrary if the red color trend is heading down.
The specialty of this trend is to show all timeframe trends that are happening and very accurate if the timeframe D1- H1 shows unidirectional.

2. No repaint system functions to enter in the market, reference for open order.
How to read is if the blue then the price is to the top, otherwise if the red price is heading down.
The specialty of this system is to show the definitely of the current price.

3. Support resistance system serves to determine the point suport and resistance, precisely and quickly.
How to read is the blue color means the point of resistance and red means the point of support.
The specialty of this system is very accurate in the sideway market. and to increase our confidence in opening orders.

4. The RSI indicator serves as identifying market saturation and strength.
How to read is if the price is heading in the anka 60 up that means the market is going up, otherwise if the price in the number 40 down it means the market is down.

5. The forru indicator serves as identifying the strength of the seller and buyer.
How to read is if it exceeds 60% upwards means the buyer or seller very much. If 60% upwards many are selling then the price at that time is down. and vice versa if 60% upwards many buy on make sure the price is going up.

6. Forex factory calender serves as know terjadinnya important news and is on the currency that we are using for trading.
How to read is :
If the forecast is positive> previous, and Actual is much bigger => Continues to strengthen
If the forecast is positive <previous, and Actual is much bigger => Increases suddenly
If forecast is positive> previous, and Actual is much smaller => Weakened suddenly
If the forecast is positive <previous, and Actual is much smaller => Continues to weaken

Maybe for those of you who are old and new in forex trading, the system above so many systems that confuse you in determining the open order. Need to know system no 4,5,6 is just a complement, and it can be disabled in hotEAforex setting to make it easier to read the market direction that is going on.

We have also realized that all systems in this world are not 100% accurate, all dependent on your own control. But we are here to provide a very accurate tool of 80-98%, and we continue to strive to support our members who are struggling in forex trading and stocks.

Not only that We also work harder really looking for ways to make trading easier for everyone with a high success rate.

Check out the following video an easy way to make quick profits and an easy way to intraday trading


Here are tips and tricks using HotEAforex:
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  • Tips and tricks Easy Scalping method.
    *  Open chart In timeframe M5 and attach HotEAforex_Scalping_Intraday, You can use All major pair= Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Usd/Chf, Aud/Usd and  except currency Jpy.*  See No repaint system and Trend detector at 3 timeframe M1, M5, M15.

    *  Rules for buy entry :Very accurate when showing 5-6 in the same color Blue.

    *  Rules for sell entry : Very accurate when showing 5-6 in the same color Red.

    *  Give TP and SL in nearest support and resistance.

    *  Tips : In scalping you should not be in a hurry and have to relax. if your mood is not fresh, immediately close the chart.

  • Tips and tricks Easy Intraday method.
    Open chart In timeframe H1 and attach HotEAforex_Scalping_Intraday, You can use Majors, Minors & Exotic Currency Pairs.*  See No repaint system and Trend detector at 4 timeframe M30, H1, H4, D1.

    *  Rules for buy entry :Very accurate when showing 6-8 in the same color Blue.

    *  Rules for sell entry : Very accurate when showing 6-8 in the same color Red.

    *  Give TP and SL in nearest support and resistance. or give risk reward 1:2.

    *  Tips : In doing Intraday you do not always see the chart, which will affect your psychology. Trading at least 3 pairs minimum to use this intraday method.


Such tips and tricks easy to use semi-manual version of HotEAforex.

Tips and tricks we will update again periodically. next week we will tell all the members with tips and tricks all our EA. All that works so that the members know how to trade properly and make traders independent.

We as a team are also always ready to help you for the benefit of consistently in a long time.

Thank you

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