Triangular Arbitrage EA

What is Triangular Arbitrage

This is different from two broker arbitrage fast and slow. Triangle arbitrage is the result of differences between three foreign currencies that occur when the exchange rates of the currencies do not really match. These opportunities are rare and traders who use them usually have sophisticated computer equipment and / or programs to automate the process. Traders will exchange amounts at one level (EUR / USD), convert them back (EUR / GBP) and then convert them back to the original (GBP / USD), and assuming low transaction costs, net profit.

This type of arbitration is a riskless profit that occurs when the quoted exchange rate is not the same as the market cross exchange rate. International banks, which make markets in currencies, exploit inefficiencies in markets where one market is overvalued and the other is underrated. The price difference between exchange rates is only a small part of the penny, and for this form of arbitration to be profitable, traders must trade large amounts of capital.

For more details, an illustration on Wikipedia illustrates how a trader at Citibank (one of the top forex dealers) conducts Triangular Arbitrage after seeing the price difference between the price quotes for the three currency pairs at Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole, and Barclays.

However, forex arbitrage execution raises an important problem for beginer forex traders, namely how to execute instantly. In addition, slippages that are only a few pips away can immediately wipe out profit opportunities.

Here we create a Triangular Arbitrage EA for you. Many of these EA sellers are out there for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This EA is only for bonuses that have already purchased a hoteaforex package. And to get it you have to be our partner, because not all brokers support this Triangular Arbitrage strategy.

A little preview of our Triangular Arbitrage EA, please watch the following video:

Theoretically, this is a risk-free strategy. Our EA runs with 10 packages. 1 package opens 3 orders, so 10 packages become 30 orders. Don’t be afraid of lots of orders because this strategy is like hedging, the loss is only in spread. EA will close per package after achieving the profit that we specify, of course if you want large profits, you must set a large lot as well.

That’s a little explanation of our Triangular Arbitrage EA, if there is anything you want to ask, please contact us, we are happy to accept suggestions and criticisms for the development of our ea.

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  1. Jishnu Dey
    Jishnu Dey says:

    Hi, I have an account with JustForex. Do you think they will allow triangular arbitrage? Also how does one become a partner as mentioned above?

    • admin45
      admin45 says:

      Hi jishnu Dey, I not sure your broker accept this strategy.


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